Top 3 Matched Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Matched betting is undoubtedly a simple way to make some extra money from home.

In the current conditions of this lockdown there are hardly any opportunities to do matched betting.

So this got me looking back on my time as a matched bettor and thinking about some of the mistakes I made along the way.

To help you avoid the same mistakes that I made I have put together a guide to matched betting mistakes based on my personal experience.

I now present to you my top 3 matched betting mistakes to avoid.

Not doing more offers when I had the chance

I first started matched betting at the end of 2016.

A few months into 2017 I had learned the basics of matched betting and had built up a decent sized bankroll to use.

I had also not been gubbed by many bookmakers at this point.

This should have been the time to take it to the next level and make bigger profits each month.

But instead of attempting new kinds of offers, such as accumulator refunds, I stuck to what I knew.

Even with the offers that I was comfortable doing I did not do all offers available.

I was worried that if I did all, or even the majority, of the offers I would get gubbed.

I thought I was being clever and playing the ‘long game’ by not doing every offer.

At that time, in 2017, there were a lot more offers than there are now.

So even by doing only some of the offers I was making a decent amount of money.

But looking back now I really regret not doing even more offers when I had the chance.

I may have been gubbed quicker by doing more of the offers.

But the bookmakers are going to restrict your accounts at some point anyway.

So you might as well smash them while you can and take as much money form them as possible.

My advice to anybody doing matched betting is to learn how to do all the different kinds of matched betting offers there are.

Then do as many of them as you can.

Make money while you can because as time goes on the Bookmakers have less and less offers.

The less offers there are the less money you can make.

So take as much money form the bookmakers while you can!

Not persisting with low risk casino offers

The topic of casino offers rarely gets discussed on this website.

In fact when I launched this website I had very little experience with casino offers.

But there was a good reason for this.

In my early days of matched betting, back in 2017, I was curious about doing the casino offers.

I read a few threads on the Profit Accumulator forum about Casino Offers.

The general consensus was that low risk casino offers are a good way of topping up the monthly profits you make from the Sportsbook offers.

At this point I think I should define what a low risk casino offer is.

A low risk casino offer normally has a low buy in.

For example, wager £20 on a particular slot and get 20 free spins on the same slot.

You are only risking a low amount of money, £20, to do the offer.

I knew the risks I was taking doing these offers but decided that since all of the offers had a positive EV then over time I would make a profit from doing them.

However, I completed at least 25 low risk casino offers and lost money on almost all of them.

To lose so much money on that number of low risk casino offers is highly unlikely but it happened to me.

After losing so much money I decided to stop doing casino offers completely.

People on the Profit Accumulator forum advised me that I had to keep on doing the offers and then I would eventually make a profit from them.

But when you keep losing money doing casino offers there is no incentive to continue doing them.

I did not bother doing any low risk casino offers again until July 2019.

There was no football to bet on so I decided to give low risk casino another go.

I’m glad I did because in one month I made around £250 from low risk casino offers!

The following month I had my biggest ever win from a low risk casino offer.

I won £180 from a 20p spin as detailed in my August 2019 income report.

Since then I have been doing as many low risk casino offers as I can.

But I really regret not doing more low risk casino offers earlier in my matched betting career.

I am kicking myself now because I could have had extra profits each month on top of the money I made from the Sportsbook offers.

Not starting matched betting sooner

This is perhaps my biggest matched betting mistake of all.

Not starting matched betting sooner than I did!

A friend of mine had dabbled with matched betting back in 2010 and sent me a link to a website about it.

This was in the days before paid services like Profit Accumulator so it would have only been a website with some basic information about matched betting on it.

For some reason I glanced at the website and barely thought about it until I eventually joined Profit Accumulator in 2016.

Back in 2010 in the early days of matched betting there was big money to be made.

Bookmakers offered a lot more free bet promotions and were generally slower to restrict customers accounts.

If I had started then I could have made even more money from matched betting!


So there you have it, my top 3 matched betting mistakes.

I hope you can learn from the mistakes I made and make more profit from your matched betting activities.

Have you made any mistakes since you started matched betting?

Please share you thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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