Matched Betting Income Report: August 2019

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Welcome to another matched betting income report.

I did not do a matched betting income report for July because it was a very quiet month.

With no proper football there was not much to bet on.

But if you are really wondering…

I finished the month of July 2019 with a total profit of £316.92.

That was a nice surprise since I was expecting to make a lot less than that.

The money I made was mainly from low risk casino offers and a few sports offers too.

Football is back

football pitch

August can only mean one thing.

Football is back and with it a lot of matched betting offers!

The first weekend of the Premier league season was a particularly good weekend.

Here are some of the highlights from that weekend and the whole of August.

William Hill Scratch Of The Day

I was gubbed by William Hill a long time ago.

Since then I have still been able to do the Scratch of the day promo on the weekends

Normally all William Hill customers doing the offer will win a free bet.

This was almost always bet £10 to get a £5 free bet.

But they changed it recently so you do not win a prize every time.

Some weekends you end up winning nothing.

But the first weekend of the Premier League season was brilliant.

On both the Saturday and the Sunday I won a bet £20 get a £20 free bet.

I won £15.81 and £14.25 from the two free £20 bets which is not bad at all.

Especially since they gubbed me months ago!

Bet at home: Bet £100 get £100

The bookmaker Bet at home had a special promotion for the opening weekend of the Premier League season.

Bet £100 on any Premier league match and you will get a £100 betting token if your bet loses.

Football can have some shock results, especially on the opening weekend of the season.

So to guarantee a profit whether I got the £100 bet token or not I used the profit accumulator lock in calculator.

This told me exactly how much to lay at the betting exchange.

If my bet won at the bookmaker I would make a profit.

If my bet won at the betting exchange I would lose a small amount but would have the £100 free bet token to come.

My original bet lost giving me the £100 free bet token.

I made £62.58 from the £100 bet token which was a cracking result.

In fact that was the most generous offer form a bookmaker for a long time.

Keep up the good work Bet at home!

Betstars challenges

The bookmaker Betstars had a lot of promotions during August.

These promotions had to be opted in to on the ‘Challenges’ area of your account page.

Sometimes the promotions would be Bet £30 on any sport and get a £15 free bet to use on any sport.

football with premier league logo

Other times it would be bet £60 pre match on a Premier League game to get a £15 free bet to be used in play on the same game.

In total I got £60 of free bets from Betstars in August.

I made £44.16 from the £60 of free bets which is a decent return.

As an added bonus I was credited with an extra £20 free bet.

This was because one of the football games I placed my qualifying bet on was also eligible for the 80 minutes refund offer.

If a goal is scored after 80 minutes that turns a winning bet into a losing bet, you are given your stake back as a free bet, up to £20.

From my £20 free bet I won £18 which was a nice bonus on top of what I had won already.

Bet 365 : Bet £50 get a £50 in play bet

This is one of the best reload offers currently available for matched bettors.

This offer was available for both the Manchester United v Chelsea game and the Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspurs game during August.

Unfortunately due to other commitments I was not able to do the offer for the Manchester United v Chelsea game.

I did do the offer for the Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspurs game and made £25.98 from the £50 free bet.

I would normally hope to make more than that from a £50 free bet but it was hard to find a good match in play.

It is £25.98 I would not have had otherwise so I am not complaining!

Paddy Power: Wager £20 get 10 free spins

As I have mentioned in my previous matched betting income reports, I rarely do casino offers.

If there are free spins available with no wagering on the winnings, I will always do those offers.

But during July and August, with no football to bet on, I started doing some low risk casino offers.

At the start of August Paddy Power had an offer where you got 10 free spins if you wagered £20 on a particular slot.

The idea is that you are in profit after wagering through the original £20 with the 10 free spins to come.

After wagering the original £20 I was down roughly £11.

Why do I waste my time on slots offers?

How much can I really make from 10 x 20p free spins?

These are the questions I was asking myself.

So I was amazed when I hit the bonus round and won £182 from one 20p spin!

After taking off the original qualifying losses I was left with £170.57 profit.

That is the most I have ever won from a casino offer.

Maybe I should start doing casino offers more often!


Now for the most important part of this matched betting income report.

How much money did I make from matched betting this month?

I finished the month with a total profit of £414.36.

I was very pleased with this total.

Because this is the most money I have made for a good few months.

Now that the football season is back I should be able to start making more each month.

If you want to give matched betting a go and see how much you can make in a month I highly recommend the Profit Accumulator website.

Let’s see how much we can make in September!

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