Make money matched betting – May and June 2019 profit report

Welcome to a special edition of my monthly profit report where you can find out how to make money matched betting.

This article will cover my matched betting activities and profits from both May and June.

So you are getting 2 articles for the price of one!

In this article I will answer the following questions,

How much money can you really make from matched betting?

Does it vary from month to month?

Can you still make a decent amount of money from matched betting when most bookmakers have gubbed you?

Read on to find out more.

The end of the football season

May is an important month for matched betting because it is the last proper month of the football season.

June did have the Champions League final, the UEFA Nations League and the start of the Copa America, The Women’s World Cup and the African Cup of Nations.

But looking back over the 2 months there were more offers in May than June.

So May is a good month to go at matched betting as hard as possible before the ‘off season’ of June and July begins.

Unfortunately for me, despite knowing all of this, I did not heed my own advice!

I was on holiday abroad for part of May and June.

This limited my matched betting opportunities.

It is possible to continue matched betting whilst you are abroad if you use a VPN.

I used a VPN to do some matched betting whilst I was abroad but with the time difference and wanting to enjoy my holiday I did less matched betting than normal.

I will write a more detailed article about my experience of matched betting using a VPN at a later date.

Going on holiday of course affected how much money I made in May and June.

But here are some of he highlights from the 2 months.

£74.13 Profit from a £90 deposit bonus

Sportnation had a great offer which I was sent by email.

I was offered 30% of my next deposit as a free bet up to £100.

I decided to deposit a nice round figure of £300 giving me a £90 free bet.

The initial deposit had to be wagered through twice, so I had to do £600 worth of qualifying bets before I could get my £90 bonus funds.

After deducting the losses on these qualifying bets I was left with a nice profit of £74.13.

£106.31 Profit from Arbing

In May and June I did a lot of arbing.

As I have mentioned before on this blog arbing is not recommended on healthy accounts.

However, once you have been gubbed by a bookmaker things change considerably.

If you have been recently gubbed by a bookmaker you should be able to get decent stakes on any arbs that you find.

This can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but in my experience the bigger the bookmaker the more likely they are to allow you to place decent sized stakes on an arb.

However, once the bookmaker realises that you are arbing then they will almost certainly limit your stakes.

So arb them as much as you can while you are still able to!

There is some excellent information about arbing and likely stake sizes on the arbing thread on the Profit Accumulator forum.

Make sure you have a read of that thread before you attempt any arbing.

Although I do not recommend arbing healthy bookmaker accounts I decided to bend the rules this month.

The bookmaker I made the most money arbing in May was a healthy account that rarely had any promotions available to make money from.

Since doing their sign up offer more than a year ago I had received hardly any offers from this bookmaker

So I decided to ‘burn’ this account by arbing them with big stakes.

I figured there was more value and thus more profit in arbing them than in any potential future offers they may have.

After doing a few high stakes arbs I was sent an email informing me that I was no longer able to place any kind of sports bets with them!

So please approach arbing with caution.

But if the account has already been gubbed then arb them like there is no tomorrow!

£58.62 from the Royal Ascot festival

This is one of the bigger events in the Horse racing calendar.

Unfortunately unlike Cheltenham and The Grand National there were less offers available for this event.

Normally we can rely on Bet 365 to have a good offer for events like this.

Last year they had a Bet £50 get a £50 free bet for each day of the 5 day festival.

Unfortunately they had no promotions for the event this year.

In fact no bookmakers had any really lucrative offers for Royal Ascot.

But I still managed to make a decent total of £58.62 during the event.

I did this by doing a large quantity of lower value offers.

Some of these offers were sent to me by email. The rest I found on the reloads section of the Profit Accumulator website.

These were bet and get type offers, odds boosts and refund if second offers.

By doing a large number of these I soon built up a decent amount of profit.


 I made a total of £378.96 from Matched betting in May

 I made £167.30 in total during June.

Now to some people this may not sound like impressive amounts.

But I was on holiday for part of both of these months which affected the amount of matched betting I was able to do.

So all things considered for the amount of time I put in I was happy with the amount of money I made

Something else to consider is that most people reading this probably have received less gubbings than me and are able to do offers with a wider range of bookmakers.

You can almost certainly make more money from matched betting than I do per month.

If you want to have a go at matched betting and see if you can exceed my monthly total profits than click here to join Profit Accumulator and have a go for yourself.

Despite it being a quieter time of year for matched betting there is more to look forward to in the coming month.

July has Wimbledon which normally has a lot of free bet offers and other promotions related to it.

There is also the later stages of Copa America, The Women’s World Cup, the African Cup of Nations and the Cricket World Cup .

Lets hope for more profits in July!


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