Is Matched Betting worth doing in 2020?

As we go in to the new year many people are asking..

Is matched betting worth doing in 2020?

Is matched betting still an easy way to make money from home?

What is the long term future of matched betting?

Read on to find answers to these big questions.

For many years now people have been making a nice side income from matched betting.

So can you still make money from matched betting in 2020?

Is matched betting worth it in 2020?

I can honestly say that matched betting is worth doing in 2020!

It has been just over three years since I started matched betting.

Back then people were saying ‘It is not as good as it used to be, there are less offers now’

They were right to say that back in 2016 and that observation remains correct in 2020.

It can not be denied that there are less offers than there used to be.

But there is still money to be made.

This is true for people new to matched betting and for people who have been doing matched betting for longer.

If you have never done matched betting before it is definitely worth doing!

From the sign up offers alone you should be able to make around £1000.

If you are new to matched betting then the matched betting site I recommend is Profit Accumulator.

Click here for a free trial of profit accumulator where you can make up to £45.

I have written a more in depth review of Profit Accumulator that you can read here.

But what about people that are not new to matched betting?

Is matched betting worth it for them in 2020?

I would say even if you are not new to matched betting it is worth doing in 2020.

But what about beyond 2020?

What does the future hold for matched betting?

The future of matched betting

These days bookmakers have less promotional offers.

The number of offers has certainly decreased since I started matched betting.

Not only that but the value of the offers have gone down.

In the past year quite a few bookmakers have been offering £2 free bets as part of a promotion.

For example, bet on a specific football match and get a £2 free bet per goal in the game.

These offers are very low value compared to what they were a year or two ago.

So if the offers have declined from a few years ago, will they keep going down in value as time goes on?

The good news is the bookmakers can not go much lower than that.

I would be amazed if bookmakers started offering £1 free bets to try to entice customers to use their online sites.

As I have noted in previous articles on this site, the gambling industry is extremely competitive.

Offering free bet promotions to new and existing customers is how bookmakers bid for your custom.

I personally do not see this changing in 2020.

Bookmakers will still have free bet promotions and the only way is up since £2 free bet promotions are unlikely to attract many customers.

Will matched betting ever end?

If bookmakers stopped offering free bets there would be no more matched betting.

Due to the aforementioned competitive nature of the gambling industry in the UK I think this is something bookmakers are unlikely to choose to do.

The only way I can see this happening is if the government banned bookmakers from giving away free bet promotions.

I can’t see the government banning free bet promotions completely.

But changes to the laws regarding gambling can affect matched betting.

Recently the government changed the law to reduce stake sizes on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in bookmaker shops.

The FOBTs were a major source of profit for the bigger gambling companies that had bookmaker shops.

With that revenue lost the bookmakers have become less generous with their free bet promotions.

But don’t let that put you off.

There are less promotions than a few years ago.

But there are still enough free bet promotions to make a decent side income from the comfort of your sofa.

In some ways matched betting has improved since I started in 2016.

Back then I was paying 2% commission on all lay bets placed at Smarkets betting exchange.

If you join profit accumulator you are eligible for 0% commission with Smarkets.

Another offer that wasn’t available when I started matched betting was the Bet 365 two goals up offer.

This offer does involve more work as you have to follow the games live but it is by far the most lucrative matched betting offer currently available.

In 2020 I don’t think it is unrealistic to aim for £300 – £500 per month from matched betting.

However, the amount you can make from matched betting per month can depend on how many bookmakers have restricted your accounts.

When bookmakers restrict your accounts it is known as a ‘gubbing’ in the terminology of matched betting.

I have been gubbed by almost all of the major bookmakers and I have still averaged £300 per month from matched betting in 2019.

Maybe in 2020 some new offers will pop up from bookmakers that will make matched betting even more lucrative.


There are less matched betting offers to complete compared to a few years ago.

But matched betting is sill an easy way to make a tax free side income each month.

If you haven’t tried matched betting before now is the perfect time to start.

If you are already matched betting keep on going in 2020.

With the Olympics and the European Football Championships to come in summer 2020 it is sure to be an action packed year of sports and matched betting.

So what do you think?

Is matched betting worth doing in 2020?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020.


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