Matched Betting Profit Report February 2019

Welcome to my matched betting profit report for February 2019.

 This month I made £424.05 from matched betting.

You may be looking at the amounts I am making per month and thinking, Is that all?

It is worth pointing out that at this point I have been gubbed by a lot of bookmakers.

I won’t list them all but of the big boys I have been gubbed by Coral, Skybet, Ladbrokes, Betway and Bwin.

I have also been gubbed by numerous smaller bookmakers as well.

This seriously affects the amount of profit you can make.

Maybe I should have started this blog when I first started matched betting.

Then I could dazzle you with my monthly profit reports!

But seriously, I am happy with the amount of money I am making considering how many bookmakers have gubbed me.

If you have not being gubbed by many bookmakers and you are able to put the time in, there is no reason why you can’t make more money per month than I am.

Whilst we are on the subject of gubbings last month I told you that I had been gubbed by William Hill.

The first weekend after being gubbed by William Hill I logged into my account and tried to do the Scratch of the Day promo.

I had read on the Profit Accumulator forum that even if you are gubbed you can still do this promo.

Unfortunately for me the promo didn’t work the first time I tried it post gubbing.

But every weekend since then it has worked!

I’m not sure if that is a glitch in the William Hill system but 2 x free £5 bets per week from a gubbed account is a decent result!

This month has mainly been about building up profit slowly from doing a lot of smaller offers.

February profit report highlights

These are the highlights of my matched betting profit report for February.

£55.25 profit from the Bet 365 Champions League £50 in play free bet offer

This £55.25 profit is actually from doing this promotion twice.

For the Manchester United v PSG game I made £30.49 from the £50 free bet.

For the Liverpool v Bayern Munich game I made £24.76 from the £50 free bet.

Normally I would hope to make more from a £50 free bet.

But having to use the bet in play can make it harder to find a good match between the back odds and the lay odds.

But £55.25 for less than 10 minutes work? Yes please!

£19.12 Profit from a Stakers promotion

Another promotion I made some easy profit off this month was a Valentines day offer from Stakers.

They sent me a text message offering me a £25 free bet valid on Valentines Day only.

There was a catch though.

If my bet won at the bookmaker I would have to wager the free bet amount 3 times.

This meant I would have to make £75 of bets (if my initial bet won with the bookmaker) before I could access my winnings.

So I had to bet on something that I thought would lose at the bookmaker but win at the betting exchange.

Luckily there were some Europa League games played that night with stronger teams against weaker teams.

I bet on Malmo to beat Chelsea.

Chelsea won the game 2-1 winning my bet into the betting exchange for £19.12 profit and no wagering to do.

£18.62 Profit from a Sportnation invite only offer

Sportnation sent me an offer by email giving me 10% of my stake back as a free bet on my first 5 bets on horse racing that day.

The maximum refund available was a £100 free bet.

I did not want to do £1000 worth of bets to get the £100 free bet.

So I did 5 x £100 bets to get a £50 free bet.

The Sportnation odds were not good so the qualifying losses on the initial 5 bets were quite high.

After deducting these qualifying losses from my winnings off the £50 free bet I was left with £18.62 profit.

Not the best return from a £50 free bet but a decent return for the time it took me to do the offer.

2 up can make you jump for joy!

£87.12 Profit from the Bet 365 2up promo

This is my total profit from doing the offer throughout February.

I attempted to hit a 2 up on 26 occasions in February.

I was successful on 6 occasions.

The 20 times I did not hit a 2 up gave me some considerable qualifying losses.

But the 6 times I did hit a 2 up covered those qualifying losses and gave me a profit of £87.12 for the month.

This is an offer with very high variance.

It is also an offer which is more time consuming compared to other matched betting offers.

You have to follow the games live and act fast to cash out your original bets once your team goes 2 goals up.

Or you can wait until the team that is 2 goals down pulls a goal back, giving you a bigger amount to cash out.

Although this offer is more time consuming in my opinion it is worth doing as it can be very profitable.

Some months you may be down overall from doing this offer.

Other months you could make unbelievable profits!

For this reason the offer is more for the intermediate to advanced matched bettors who can handle the variance of the offer.

There is a lot of great advice about this offer on the Profit Accumulator forum.

I would advise reading the threads about this offer before attempting it for the first time.


February was another slow month of matched betting for me, not helped by the amount of gubbings I have received.

Next month should be much better for me and all other matched bettors out there.

It’s Cheltenham time!

The Cheltenham Festival, which runs from March 12th to March 15th is the biggest event in British horse racing .

It is also the biggest event in matched betting as almost all bookmakers will have promotions of some kind for the festival.

There is a lot of money to be made, even for people like me who have been gubbed by most bookmakers.

If you want to give matched betting a go click here to join Profit Accumulator and get started before the Cheltenham Festival begins.

Did you make much money from matched betting in February?

Please share your thoughts and ideas on this matched betting profit report in the comments section below.

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